Sex, gender and gender identity


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Other Writing

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Recorded Talks

Silencing Women: Academic Freedom and Unthinkable Thoughts. 8th March 2023, Taliesin Theatre, University of Swansea.

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Academic Freedom, Anti-Intellectualism and Misogyny, Cambridge University, 5th December 2019.

Special Interest Group

UCL Women’s Liberation

Submitted Evidence

Consultation ResponseFuture of Population Statistics, 23rd October 2023.

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Response to Scotland’s Chief Statistician’s Draft Guidance regarding
Data Collection on Sex and Gender
, 12th February 2021.

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Letter to UK Census Authorities, sent 12th December 2019, Copied to Scottish Parliamentary Committee 18th December 2019.

Selected Media

British academic ‘deplatformed’ by Canadian government over gender stance. Raoul Simons and Susie Coen, Telegraph, 14th March 2024.

ONS digs in over ‘misunderstood’ trans census question. James Beal, The Times, 8th November 2023.

Academics join forces in war on university cancel culture. Ewan Somerville, The Telegraph, 4th November 2023.

A scholarly assessment of queer theory. Mary Davis, Morning Star (book review), 3rd November 2023.

Out for the count: has Britain already conducted its last census?. Esther Addley, The Guardian, 3rd November 2023.

Pansexual population was hugely inflated in census by ‘faulty coding’. Ewan Somerville, The Telegraph, 3rd November.

Burn the book! Shereen Benjamin, The Critic, 18th October 2023.

Trans rights crowd ‘assaulted’ guests at gender book launch. Mike Wade, The Times, 12th October 2023.

Academics at Edinburgh University accuse union of attempting to ‘shut down debate’ over sex and gender book. Holyrood, 10th October 2023.

Letter in response to Jacqueline Rose. New Statesman. 16th August 2023.

Freedom of Speech: Resist the rise of the intolerant. Letter to the Observer. 4th June 2023.

Power of Speech. Euan Crumley, Athletics Weekly, 1st April 2023.

Grassroots opposition to World Athletics’ transgender proposals, Jason Henderson, Athletics Weekly, 27th January 2023.

Trans athletes likely to be barred from female classifications, Matt Lawton and Rick Broadbent, The Times, 26th January 2023.

Ucas warned over plans to scrap male and female terms, Sian Griffiths and Glen Keough, Sunday Times, 5th December 2022.

Gender recognition act: MSPs only listening to one side, claims scientist, John Boothman, Sunday Times, 5th June 2022.

It is mothers, not fathers, who pay the price of parenthood, Letter to The Guardian, 9th March 2022.

Count sex not gender identity to appease feminists, advises charity. Ewan Somerville, Sunday Telegraph, 9th January 2022.

Scheme designed to promote women in academia has been ‘destroyed’ by trans lobby, critics warn. Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph, 30th November 2021.

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