Alice Sullivan is Professor of Sociology at University College London (UCL) and Head of Research at the UCL Social Research Institute.

Alice Sullivan’s research focusses on social and educational inequalities in the life course. She has made extensive use of secondary data analysis of large-scale longitudinal data sets in her research, with a particular focus on the British birth cohort studies of 1958, 1970 and 2000. She has published on areas including: social class and sex differences in educational attainment, single-sex and co-educational schooling, private and grammar schools, cultural capital, reading for pleasure, social mobility, and health inequalities. She has also written about conflicts between scholarly and scientific values and gender identity politics.

Alice took her undergraduate degree in PPE at Balliol College, Oxford (1992-1995), and went on to take an MSc (1996) and DPhil (2000) in Sociology at Nuffield College Oxford. Alice was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at Nuffield College Oxford from 2000-2003. In 2003 she joined the UCL Institute of Education, initially as a Research Officer. Alice was Director of the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) for ten years, from 2010-2020. In 2020, she took up the role of Head of Research at the UCL Social Research Institute (SRI).

Inaugural Professorial Lecture. Inequalities in Education: The home, the school and the power of reading.

Selected Publications

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